About Ignorance and Man's Life

In ignorance and without second thoughts we simply consume. We are ignorant about the very things that rule our lives. We have no sense of pausing and indeed contemplate the implications our choices and actions have on ourselves and the world around us.

About Ignorance and Man's Life

Incentives for Ignorance

We live in times where everything revolves around absorbing what others provide us with. We are bombarded with things ready to be digested no matter where our understanding of the benefits and the actual uses of those things positions itself. We are empty vessels prepared to succumb to the chaos of the world and come back as new beings freshly molded by the simulation.

In ignorance and without second thoughts we simply consume. We are ignorant about the very things that rule our lives. We have no sense of pausing and indeed contemplate the implications our choices and actions have on ourselves and the world around us. We delegate our decision-making capabilities to random entities for a seemingly sense of security. Random entities that are just some external parties that have taken advantage of the situation and crowned themselves as thought leaders in our society at a massive scale with tremendous returns for their treasuries.

The simulation on which everything is created is expanding and reaching throughout every layer of our society. It is rife and determined to accomplish its sole purpose – to create, for others to consume. The underlying surface hidden in plain sight is loaded with lots of benefits for thirsty opportunists who wish to aggregate the creation of the simulation. It is a living organism so rapacious and inventive that it has gradually embedded itself in our lives for good. It is engaged in bold and agile tactics to grab our precious attention and there is not a single indication that we show any opposition to it.

The simulation is based on the traits of humanity that are relatively static. The category of the very basic impulses and needs that change within a very slow process. It would take a tremendous amount of time for something in this category to shift to something else (think of thousands of thousands of years, process which is also known as – evolution).

The life of man

What is a man, anyway? A linear occurrence of different events that he invests time and energy into? A linear occurrence of a multitude of choices he makes during his life? Perhaps man is the choices he chooses to make in his life. The decisions he makes have a great impact on society itself on the long run. A man’s life could be represented as a chain of blocks. Each block encompassing the already made choices. The choices that are visible are just the surface of a much complex system. There is an infinite number of choices a man could choose from at any time, but the ones he chooses are the ones visible to everyone.

The decisions we make are of great importance to the world we live in. There are infinite blocks of Proof of Choice (pcn) where we can always choose from an endless possibility of choices when faced with life, thus this proves the free will we all have. Furthermore, there are also three blocks of Proof of Existence (pe0, pe1 and pe2) with the former and the latter having a static value. The first one being the beginning and the last one being the end, with the additional one in the middle consisting of all blocks of Proof of Choice (pe1) that is dynamic.

pe0[birth] -> ---------- pe1[life(pcn)] -> ----------- pe2[death]

The pe0 and pe2 represent the birth and the death of a being. The only things that are truly known to us: we come into this life and then we leave this life. Between the two (0 and 2) we can find the middle block pe1 that is not certain nor constant, but which is in a constant state of change.

Our lives are merely journeys from pe0 and pe2 – birth and death. But if we think more about these two so-called points, they are both parallel lines starting with poe0 at a seemingly specified left and ending at pe2 at an undefined right. They are placed at a distance from each other relative to the choices we make throughout our lives and their respective consequences found at different pci. The pe0, however, is a very strange point. Before we are born, it is an unknown and very dynamic variable for society doesn’t know who we are, but once we are pushed into this life without our consent it becomes clear and unchangeable.

There are several main pci that can be considered similar for everyone. As a consequence of our decisions these points converge to similar places for many of us. For example, the college we choose to go to, the partner we choose to live beside for the rest of our lives and so on. These points are open to different inputs and can be influenced by other points. Every choice we make influences other pci and the choices they provide us with. It is a very complex and dynamic system and if we were to analyze a person’s life we would find a very complicated mesh network – or tangle, consisting of the choices a person makes and the choices he doesn't make.


A great obligation rises now to educate ourselves and those around us about the ramifications of our decision-making processes or lack, thereof. We all must submerge in the vast teachings of the reasonable and try to understand why things are happening and why people are making the decisions they do. We must be as precise as a doctor is when performing a surgery when it comes to applying and sharing the newly acquired knowledge about how the world around us works.

Study the simulation and rise above it.

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