Somewhere in Europe, there was a kid who liked dreaming. No adult could get to understand him and his dreams whenever he talked about them, but he still continued to dream despite of the world's words. One thing for sure, he always understood his dreams and what they meant, until one day.
When the boy was getting home from school everything was different.
"Something is wrong. I can feel it. But what? And why?" the boy asked himself.
As soon as he stepped inside the courtyard of his home the sky turned to black, as a covering was taken off from the imaginary dome placed over the seen world. Everything became real and darkness surrounded everything. Celestial bodies were scattered all around the vastness of space glimmering in the darkness. The moon and the sun were both on the sky, which was not an unusual sight for this part of the world, but they were different. The moon was shining like Polaris and had two smaller moons on her left. The sun was fierce. Black and red were its colors with blood-ish rays of energy circling it. Red veins of energy were flowing on the surface of the Sol giving it an aura of mystery and evil.
A pale and lifeless planet appeared and swiftly drifted away over the horizon leaving in its trails an ancient codex. It was opened somewhere in the middle and its pages were inscribed with stylized but recognizable patterns presumably conveying an unknown language. On the left page, there was also a clear depiction of a cross entangled in thorns.
And then, the boy woke up. It was a dream, but the meaning of the dream was unknown and still is up to this day, years later. Why were there 3 moons? Why did the sun look like that? Later in life, the boy found out that those recognizable patterns were cryptographic hashes now used in cryptocurrencies, but why accompanied by a cross with thorns all around it?  I don't know...

If you for some unknown reasons haven't figured out, the boy is me and this is a dream I had when I was younger, years ago. By that time, I wasn't involved in the crypto space, but I was fascinated by space exploration and I was also trying to demystify every mystery I could hear of.

Today, that boy is involved in many things. From media to music, from crypto to space exploration and artificial intelligence. He's a generalist. He doesn't know anything specifically to a level of proficiency, but knows a bit from everything.

I'm invested into
1. cryptocurrencies
MIOTA (hodling)
2. stocks

I've founded
1. EDMNOMAD (more than 1.5M followers on social media)

I'm selling
1. Top Domain Names
- martiansociety.org - be the first one to create a Martian Society :)
- revenuro.com - for a financial application etc.
- dopester.org - online news organization
- conqus.com - unique brand name for an application.
- conq.us - short hand for the above
- arkansia.com - I envision it as a name for an online school etc.
- fourby.org - automobiles related.
- tokenswap.to - a platform for crypto token swapping etc.
- chup.me - adult perhaps? ;)
(more to be added)

And more things to come.

If you want to get in touch with me, dm me on twitter.

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